The TT-900 is a three wheeled ZERO emission electric drive pedestrian vehicle ergonomically designed to easily move small trailers, caravans, wagons and heavy commercial waste containers with safety and ease. The Tug Trak reduces the manual effort required to perform repetitive tasks thereby improving productivity and reducing the chance of work related injuries. The power of the TT-900 allows for a loaded capacity of 300 kgs and a pulling capacity of up to 3000 kgs.

The TT-900 is easily maneuvered and can be used on uneven terrain like that found in camping grounds. The design allows for pushing or pulling and comes with a standard connection post and antidumping support wheels. With the addition of the trailer ball accessory or the waste container connector, the TT-900 can handle many tasks. Additional options are solid non-marking tires, a radio command and a safety operational light.



TT-900.pdf – English
TT-900.pdf – Italiano